NS Makes History With Aristopolis

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Aristopolis, World Assembly

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be interpreted as IRL, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

According to the NS World Activity, the Republic of The Noble State has officially founded the region of Aristopolis, thus ending years of aristophobic non-representation and erasure of Nobles and Aristophiles among the international community. A free and open region, Aristopolis is committed to spreading the Noble ideals of excellence and perfection – not division.

Yes, regions are founded and destroyed every day. However, it is only in Aristopolis that you will find a region as dedicated to its historical alliance with the World Assembly. NS Press reached out for comment. “A Noble world order is fundamentally a world order of international laws. It is our mission to give the World Assembly the ability to enforce not only its Security Council resolutions, but even its General Assembly ones. In short, we want to give ‘teeth’ to the World Assembly”, said the founder.

The Noble State remains elusive with regards to how the region will go about accomplishing the agenda; however, it seems to involve Noble Monopolies to protect the public from fringe extremist anti-globalists – fundamentally backwards religious zealots. A regional government has yet to be formed at the time of this writing, but (a democratic) one is in the works, claims the founder.