Aristopolis Leads Humanitarian Intervention in Meridia

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Security Council, World Assembly

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be interpreted as IRL, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

It has barely been a couple of days, since the Noble community‘s historic founding of Aristopolis. Yet, the provisional government, who is still in the process of forming its first democratic government, has already begun spreading the ideals of excellence and perfection to the international community beginning with the ongoing humanitarian intervention in Meridia, dubbed Operation Liberate Meridia.

While Aristopolis can be given the credit for taking the initiative under the command of The Republic of Aristophiles, for whatever happens as of now the credit goes entirely to Kaiserreich, under the command of The Last Tsarist Armies of Palractus. In a stunning display of leadership, Palractus took bold and decisive action. As soon as he was informed of what was happening, he immediately knew what had to be done. He knew what was right. The viability of a small humanitarian force against an entire terror force is entirely dependent on Kaiserreich’s brave decision to stand for international law alongside the Nobles.

It is commonly believed that authority is in the appearance of authority. Right now, Kaiserreich looks very much in a position of authority – they have earned that right. In a statement by the The Republic of The Noble State, “can one be more aristophilic than to fight side-by-side with a community that identifies itself as the ‘excellent’? They are on the right side of history and the sad dissidents of the system are simply going to have to step aside for progress to move forward so that perfection can come about.”

The fact is that Meridia was illegally occupied by a terror network with an evil ideology and an extremely deceptive presentation. According to the official account of the intervention, an investigation revealed that the World Factbook Entry of Meridia had been defaced with an advertisement for the Lily terrorist organization; on the face of it, it might look as though the defacing happened by the leader of Meridia. However, we now know that an Agent of the Order of Power (a cis) planted up in the upper echelons of Meridia had informed the Order that the former dictator of Meridia was in fact part of a Lylian terror cell who had made it to the top of Meridian society. Thus, the Meridians had not consented to the Lylian “ad” – it was imposed by a foreign parasite.

This is an ongoing story.