The Liberation of Bobberino

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Security Council, World Assembly

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be interpreted as IRL, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The judicial punishment of the Lily terror network of perverts that violate international law continues with the lawful liberation of Bobberino by an Aristopolis-led coalition. The struggle began when it was discovered that the region of Lily was in violation of international law as their operation consists of vandalizing regions with recruitment advertisements under the pretense of merely being defenders. They made their illegal invasions seem as though the previous government had consented to deface its own WFE for no particular reason whatsoever.

Following the humanitarian intervention in Meridia by coalition forces which restored democracy and international law in the region, the Order of Power reported an imminent illegal invasion of the newly-installed democratic government of Meridia. Just as the Order warned, the terrorists launched their illegal attack which further bolsters the credibility of the Order’s intelligence operative embedded deep in the upper echelons of the Lilyan terrorist organization that adheres to a bizarre and conspiratorial pervert ideology in resistance to the legitimate authority of the World Assembly.

Having anticipated a growth in the humanitarian coalition and its successful opposition to terrorist pervert regimes, the Lilyan thugs refrained from re-vandalizing Meridia once they took it back, instead opting to restore its original WFE (as if nothing happened) and suppressing any information that spoke against their illegally installed criminal regime by restricting freedom of the press (see World Assembly Resolution 155) – a move that is clearly intended to hide evidence of their crimes as they receive international attention for their terrorist activities. Playing dumb doesn’t work when the world is watching and it certainly won’t save them from the full force of international law. Hate, extremism and sexual perversion have no place in Perfect Society.

At this point in the timeline, the humanitarian intervention of Bobberino had been successfully completed. In retaliation against the illegal invasion of Meridia, the newly-appointed democratic government of Bobberino withdrew all diplomatic ties with the Lylian terrorist base of Artificial Solar System (A.S.S.), as it had been illegally used as a staging ground for the unlawful toppling of the democratic government of Meridia. Whereas Aristopolis typically refrains from using its provisional control over other regions to cut diplomatic ties that were legitimately established, The Republic of The Noble State exceptionally imposed retaliatory sanctions on A.S.S., which triggered the democratic government of Bobberino to withdraw its embassy. “We can’t afford to even appear as though we are being soft on these perverts; we unequivocally and categorically disavow anyone who fraternizes with them. We may be a small force, yet look at what we have done to the terrorists. This is just the beginning.” – said The Republic of The Noble State.

However, just as Meridia fell, so did Bobberino. Again, the perverts refrained from re-vandalizing the region. It is clear that the influx of international attention has prompted the Lilyan terrorists to tread more carefully, as they fear that their pretense of being “defenders” has been exposed – it has (numerous times). When it became clear that the democratic government of Bobberino would not be able to retain control for much longer, the coalition made it a point to showcase the illegitimacy of the Lilyan tyrant’s criminal regime of terror and oppression with a simple poll. In a region of 10 native nations, 50% of them voted in favor of toppling their dictator in favor of international law and human rights within 6 minutes of the poll being created. Predictably, the poll was taken down before any other Nation could vote, clearly demonstrating that Lily is conscious of its own illegitimacy in the region and in the international community, and they wish to cover it up.

“Being a new region, it is not realistic for Aristopolis to single-handedly oppose an entire terrorist network of perverts; this is an ongoing struggle of the Noble community; Kaiserreich can take pride in their invaluable support of humanity and for their huge involvement in the protection of all the victims of terrorism – a stark contrast to their dark past. In my view, actions speak louder than words and Kaiserreich has clearly demonstrated that they are fully rehabilitated as a region and are deserving of a 2nd chance” – said The Republic of The Noble State, in a statement to NS Press.